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Do you have an event that requires great food? Do you want to cap off a party, event, or convention with food that'll make your guests' mouths water?

Do you want a catering service that will not only take care of your needs but go above and beyond to give your event the best food your guests have ever had? Then look no further than King Catering Perth, the caterers Perth that gives your event that royal touch.

We have been among the best-positioned catering companies Perth for years, and we have a reputation for professionalism, efficiency, and great food. Whether it's a wedding reception, a birthday party, a corporate event, or anything else, just pick out entries from our menu and tells us where you need us. Catering in Perth has never been so unreal.

Don't know what exactly goes into a catering service? Here's just some of the things that we can provide so you don't have to: linens, flatware, silverware, servers. And, of course, the food and drinks. Cocktails, juices, wines, and more, to go right alongside the appetizers, main courses, desserts, and sides. Every detail about the food and the food service is covered. Every detail handled by the best caterers Perth.

Our team knows that excellent catering service starts strong and stays that way until the end. Whether it's a late dinner party or a hearty breakfast, we can give you all the right dishes. Every dish is prepared to meet a high standard and only with the finest ingredients, so every morsel is guaranteed to be mouth-wateringly delicious.

King Catering Perth also understands that different events require different touches. King Catering Perth has menus for weddings, birthdays, and functions. We also handle corporate and office events. We can also accommodate less formal events, like barbecues or roast buffets. Our chefs and staff provide distinct menus for these occasions, so you can make your choices on what foods you want there without worrying if they'll clash with the tone of your event.

Do you have an afternoon event that can't have too many heavy dishes? How about our menu of finger foods? Perfect for something between bigger meals. Blue cheese baby cones, pulled pork sliders, and other small dishes can be great choices. And if you don't think they work for your event, we have more on the menu you can choose from.

Maybe your event is something less formal, more relaxed. Platter buffets, roast meals, and the like are right up our alley too. Even if the event doesn't need you to wear a suit and tie, that doesn’t mean you can't have the very best food ready. King Catering Perth will treat your event with the respect it deserves, even if it's just a backyard barbecue for a family reunion.

Take, for example, our platter buffet menu. Cold cuts, cheeses, muffins, club sandwiches and more are available. These make for great appetizers in a formal banquet, or for light foods in an afternoon meeting. We even provide more exotic choices, like spicy tuna rolls or fruit kebabs.Of course, our finger food menu is also top-shelf material. Smoke's salmon blini, mango prawn boats, mini filet mignons, and King Island pies are just some of the delectable examples we offer.

Sweeter treats we have on offer include a range of pot desserts, tasty macarons, and the delicate flavors of the petit four.King Catering Perth also provides a hearty breakfast menu for folks to pick out from. Whether you're looking for the classic ham and cheese croissants, chilled or cold fruit juices, lean crispy bacon, or other breakfast options, we have you covered.

Are you having a banquet? We're among the best caterers Perth for that. Banquet buffets are where you need perfectly roasted meats and simmering hot pots. Whether you want roast beef served with red wine or tender pork with a sweet apple sauce, we're your catering company. We'll even carve it right at the table as your guests ask for slice after slice. We also serve hot pot items like carbonara, beef lasagna, butter chicken with rice, cottage pie, and others.

On the opposite end of the scale, King Catering Perth can also manage your casual barbecue get-togethers. Steaks and burgers, kebabs and cutlets – grilled meat galore awaits you if want us to cater your next backyard get-together with friends. All you need to do is provide us with the space to set up and we'll whip up a buffet.

Sides such as Caesar salad, coleslaw, baked potatoes in sour cream, and others are included. And who could forget the bread and butter? We will even prepare everything on-site if you ask us to.Sometimes, you might also want to look into a stand-up event. We have custom menus for those too. Apart from a delectable list of finger foods to choose from, we can add a few other entrees and dishes too.

Small croissants, chicken satay kebabs, tortilla pinwheels, and Hoi Sin Duck pancakes are just some of our excellent finger food choices. Chicken tortellini carbonara, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, and penne puttanesca are also included in our stand up menu.And naturally, every menu price is inclusive of the silverware, linens, cutlery, condiments, and other necessary pieces of the food service.

Sometimes, the party also needs more than just a treat for the taste buds. Catering some events requires an artistic touch. They're as much about the experience as they are about the food.King Catering is among the ablest catering companies Perth offers for this type of catering.

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